Qt push button clicked slot

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qt push button clicked slot

The QPushButton widget provides buttpn command button. The push button, or command button, is perhaps the most commonly used widget in any graphical user interface. Push click a button to command the computer to perform some action, or to answer a question. A command button is rectangular and typically displays a text label describing its action. A shortcut key can be specified by preceding the preferred character with an ampersand in the text.
  • QPushButton — Qt for Python
  • Adding Functionality To The Push Buttons
  • QPushButton Class | Qt
  • QPushButton Class | Qt Widgets
  • Public Functions
  • This property's default is false.

    If this property is set, most styles will not paint the button background unless push button is being pressed.

    Initialize option with the values from this QPushButton. This method slot useful for subclasses when button need a QStyleOptionButtonbut don't want to fill in all the information themselves.

    Associates the popup menu clicked with this push button. This turns the button into a menu button, which in some styles will produce a small triangle to the right of the button's text.

    QPushButton — Qt for Python

    Shows pops up the associated popup menu. Clickde there is no such menu, this function does nothing. This function does not return until the popup menu has been closed by the user. Documentation contributions included herein are the copyrights of their respective owners.

    Qt and respective logos are trademarks of The Qt Company Ltd. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. A push button shown in the Macintosh widget style.

    Adding Functionality To The Push Buttons

    A push button shown in the Windows XP widget style. A push button shown in the Sloy widget style. Property Documentation autoDefault : bool This property holds whether the push button is an auto default button.

    If this property is set to true then the push button is an auto default button. Access functions: bool autoDefault const void setAutoDefault bool.

    See also QStyleOption::initFrom. See also setMenu. Small, typically square buttons that change the state of the window rather than performing an action qf as the buttons in the top-right corner of the QFileDialog are not command buttons, but tool buttons.

    qt push button clicked slot

    Qt provides a special class QToolButton for these buttons. If you need toggle behavior see setCheckable or a button that auto-repeats the activation signal when being pushed down like the arrows in a scroll bar see setAutoRepeata command button is probably not what you want.

    When in doubt, use a tool button. Note: On macOS when a push button's width becomes smaller than 50 or its height becomes smaller than 30, the button's corners are changed from round to square. Use the setMinimumSize function to prevent this behavior. A variation of a command button is a menu button. These provide not just one command, but several, buttoh when they are clicked they pop up a menu of options.

    Use the method setMenu to associate a popup menu with a push button. In some GUI styles a default button is drawn with an extra frame around it, up to 3 pixels or more.

    Qt automatically keeps this space free around auto-default buttons, i. This property's default is true for buttons that have a QDialog parent; otherwise it clickev to false.

    See the default slot for details of how default and auto-default interact. A button with this property set to true i. When the dialog has autoDefault buttons but no default button, pressing enter clicked pussh either the autoDefault button that currently has focus, or button no button has focus, the next autoDefault button tq the focus chain.

    In a dialog, only one push button at a time can be the default button. This button is then displayed with an additional frame depending on the GUI at. The default button behavior is provided only in dialogs. Buttons can push be clicked from the keyboard by pressing Spacebar when the button has focus. If the default property is set to false on the current default button while the dialog is visible, a new default will automatically be assigned the next time a push button in the dialog receives focus.

    QPushButton Class | Qt

    If you have never heard about signals wt slots before, please at least check the sidebar or, even better, read the Qt Tutorial or Programming with Qt. Signals And Slots: The connection between user interaction and program functionality in Qt is done via so-called signals and slots.

    A push button emits the signal clicked() when it is activated by the mouse, the Spacebar or by a keyboard shortcut. Connect to this signal to perform the button’s action. Push buttons also provide less commonly used signals, for example pressed() and released(). Jan 20,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Qt Development General and Desktop Connect clicked() signal of PushButton to a slot void(int) Connect clicked() signal of PushButton to a slot void(int) This topic has been deleted. (probably non-existent) signal (Hint add an argument to your Modifica slot!). You get the number of the clicked button in the slot for free. Reply Quote 0. 1.

    A widget emits a signal when something interesting happens. What this means cliicked on the widget; for a push button, one of the signals is the clicked signal, which is emitted when the user clicks the push button. Other widgets have other signals.

    Methods that are declared as slots can still be called the ordinary way. The method QObject::connect ties signals and slots together. When a widget emits a signal, the Qt runtime system checks whether any slots are connected to this signal and calls these slots.

    Not all the signals puush to be connected to a slot; in fact, in most applications, very few signals are.

    QPushButton Class | Qt Widgets

    Likewise, there does not have to be a signal connected to each slot; the slot can still be called the ordinary way. A part of the class declaration of any class indicates which signals and slots it emits. For the Qt classes, this is thoroughly documented in the reference slot for third-party classes, please see button respective manufacturer's documentation.

    The first thing we will do now is connect the Cancel button's clicked signal, which is emitted when this button is clicked, to the dialog's reject method, which closes the dialog and sets a negative return clicked. As soon as you have done this, click on the Cancel button on your form, hold down the mouse button, and move the mouse push to somewhere on the background of the form.

    Public Functions

    Release it there. With this gesture, you indicate that you want to create a connection from the Cancel button to the form as a whole.

    Pink frames show which widgets you have currently selected while you move the mouse. Once you have released the mouse button, the Connections dialog opens see Figure In this dialog, select clicked in the Cancel button's signals list to the left and reject in the dialog's slot list to the right. The connection will appear in the list in the lower half of the dialog.

    qt push button clicked slot

    Close the dialog.

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